Insurance premiums
How are insurance premiums calculated?

The cost of life/health based insurances is primarily based on:

  • How much cover you want?
  • How old you are?

Then your sex, occupation, health and smoking habits are taken into account.

Insuring individuals with impaired health

In most instances the insurance company will be able to offer terms without the need for you to undergo a medical and just because they request a medical does not always mean they will charge you higher premiums.

However, if you have impaired health, you may find your medical history impacts on the cost of insurance or exclude you from insurance altogether.  Many clients spend months applying with one provider then another only to find they are excluded due to their past medical history. 

Apart from being a time consuming exercise, insurers are likely to view these applications less favourably since you would need to disclose you have had numerous insurance companies refuse you cover. Our experience in life, trauma and income protection insurance allows us to broker the market for the most suitable policy for you, reducing time and cost.