Wraps & Master Trusts - Benefits
All your investments are in one place

You receive a single financial report from the wrap or master trust provider which summarises the performance of all your investments. You don’t have to keep track of a number of funds. This can be particularly useful when you have to calculate capital gains and losses and imputation credits for tax purposes, across a number of funds.

Diversification and Choice

You can spread your risk among different asset classes and a much wider range of fund managers than would otherwise be possible for most investors. Diversifying across a number of investment managers can reduce investment risk in a similar way that diversifying your portfolio across a number of asset classes.

Wholesale Funds

Some ‘boutique’ and wholesale fund managers aren’t available to retail investors and can require starting amounts of anywhere from $500,000 to $100 million. Wraps and master trusts can pool your money with thousands of other small investors to access these wholesale funds, which generally have lower management fees than retail funds.

Easier and Cheaper Switching

Depending on the specific wrap/master trust provider you can usually "switch" easier and cheaper between funds than investing directly in the managed funds outside of a wrap or master trust. You can often switch between the investment funds within the master trust or wrap menu of funds for little or no entry or exit fees.